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    Gabriel St-Germain, a young Ecommerce millionaire who provides tremendous values and tips for free on youtube. He will be launching hi first ever ecom intensive course on 7 feb 2019.

    Learn how to differentiate yourself by building a store around one product.
    Based around a “reveal it all” case study, see how I used this blueprint to generate over $1 million in sales in 5 months with just one product (20% profit). Includes access to a private Facebook group with me and other course members.

    What is the eCom Blueprint?
    The eCom Blueprint is a case study course designed as an extension of my YouTube channel.

    I reveal my one-product store that generated $1 million in sales in under 5 months (20% profit) and demonstrate exactly how I started the store, scaled it, and managed the operations.

    The goal with this course is to show you all the theory that I teach on my channel in practice with a real case study.​

    What You Will Learn
    • The one product dropshipping strategy that I've used to generate over $2M in online sales
    • How to create a one product brand and position yourself as a market leader
    • How to kickstart your sales and gather data using cost-effective IG influencer ads
    • How to use Facebook ads to take your store to the next level and generate sales consistently
    • The scaling strategies I use to spend up to $5000/day on Facebook profitably
    • How to effectively automate order fulfillment with a sourcing agent and lower your costs
    • How to hire VAs and properly structure your customer service team
    • The winning mindset you need to implement in order to succeed
    • Based on an in-depth one product store case study - $1 million in sales in under 5 months
    Sales Page:
    His Youtube channel:

    COST per member: 40USD
    MEMBER needed: 10
    Delivery: By google drive once we hit enough member

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    PM or comment for payment details. Price change to 31.48 usd.
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    Price changed to 20 USD, Instant delivery

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