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    Yes, Eben…
    I’m Serious About Learning
    Your Proven System To
    Create My Own Online Course
    In The Next 90 Days And Take Me
    Life To The Next Level...

    Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire
    90-Day Training Curriculum:

    The Digital U System

    You get 12 blueprint tools and exercises, each with an in-depth video tutorial and training lesson. Six of the blueprint tutorials help you build your online course or digital product, and six of them help you make your marketing systems. You can dive into these templates and tools immediately after you register, and get to work building your product right away.

    These training have been strategically designed, with six of them focused on giving you the download about how to make sure you identify the most valuable knowledge you have and organize it into your online course, book or digital product quickly… and six of the training focused on giving you the download about how to create your first marketing pieces and get traffic and paying customers.

    Live Coaching Classes
    You get a series of 6 live Coaching Classes with me, broken into modules. Every two weeks, we get on a live class together that takes about 90 minutes, and we work together to install the blueprints and models in your online course, your marketing, your launch, your follow up systems, and your business.


    Module 1: Orientation Fast Start
    • I’ll be giving you a live overview of the Digital U System and walking you through the different components showing you exactly how and when to use each one
    • I’ll share some essential mindsets that you’ll need to succeed and have fun during our journey through this program together
    • You’ll learn how to set yourself up to get the most from this training over the next 90 days and beyond

    Module 2: Targeting Your Niche
    • A complete system to find, select and narrow possible niches so you see the “sweet spot” where you can create an online course, book or digital product that will sell itself – and don’t waste money on unprofitable ideas
    • How to take your niche and carve out an entire category. Doing this can instantly make you the industry leader and makes it virtually impossible for your competition to be successful
    • The step-by-step process to create your ideal customer avatar so you have laser focus when building your online course or digital product and doing your marketing

    Module 3: Creating Your Online Course
    • Learn seven powerful knowledge frameworks that make creating a high-quality course your customers will love to buy a quick, easy and fun process
    • Not all online courses or digital products are equal – discover advanced product design strategies so you can command a premium price for any product you create
    • How to increase the value of your online course, book, or digital product by giving it the right name. (Note: many customers will judge your product by what you name it, it’s essential you get this right)

    Module 4: Building Your Marketing
    • You’ll get a complete crash course on how to get new customers using “Education-based marketing, so you don’t have to rely on any dishonest or unethical sales & marketing tactics
    • I’ll walk you through how to use my proven marketing templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks, and you’ll have ready to use, winning marketing
    • How to turn your own story and experiences into the biggest asset you have when marketing your online course or digital products

    Module 5: Launching Your Online Course
    • The counter-intuitive technique I have used to generate hordes of traffic in every launch I’ve done. I’ll show you what it is and exactly how to deploy it in your business
    • How to approach new partners and get them excited to say, “YES” to promoting you and your marketing launch
    • How to architect an irresistible product offer that makes it easy for your customers to enroll in your course during your launch

    Module 6: Email Mastery
    • How to create and set up the ultimate email follow up sequence for your business to convert the leads you have into buyers
    • Get my highest converting email templates so you know exactly how to write emails that will not only provide value, but allow you to offer your courses, books, and digital products
    • Several simple techniques, tricks, and hacks that will make writing emails fun and easy and FAST.
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