[INSTANT GB] Depesh Mandalia - New Course BPM System

Discussion in 'Coaching | WSO' started by noki, Feb 19, 2019.

300.00 USD
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Price per member:
21.20 USD
  1. noki

    noki Member Organizer

    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019

  2. Super Man

    Super Man New Member

    Hi @noki - just paid $20!

  3. assodinak

    assodinak New Member

    the site in the link doesn't sell the sourse anymore
  4. noki

    noki Member Organizer

    Hi assodinak, that is correct. But I have the course downloaded.
  5. saeed2015

    saeed2015 New Member

    I interested.
  6. ovns

    ovns New Member

    Just sent you a payment!
  7. ovns

    ovns New Member

    I actually sent you two payments.
  8. Proxom

    Proxom Member

    Good evening, Noki. Is this complete!?

    It's going to need future updates? If not, how much does the entire course weight (GB?)

    Kind regards
  9. noki

    noki Member Organizer

    Hi Proxom, yes is complete course and it is 8.44gb and no future updates. If there are updates I will provide.

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