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Curt Maly - The BELT Method 2020

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Curt Maly - The BELT Method 2020 | 21.42 GB
WARD-WINNING FACEBOOK ADS METHODOLOGY Improve and scale your campaign profits in 2020 & beyond!
In February of 2019
35 of the worlds TOP digital marketers and media buyers met at Agora headquarters in Baltimore, MD to compete for ONE coveted prize
The Masters of Marketing Championship Belt!
Each attendee shared their VERY BEST strategies for producing the most effective online ad campaigns
but the title went home with Curt Maly and the BELT Method was no longer a secret.
While these methods have been available to his 8 figure clients for years
Its now finally available to the public for the first time ever in 10-Module digital training.
The BELT Method is specifically designed to teach intermediate to advanced Facebook Marketers the proprietary, proven BELT Method that won Curt the Master of Marketing belt.
Inside this immersive training program, youll get will deliver hands-on help LIVE to help you implement these strategies for your business faster than ever before!
How much money are YOU leaving on the table?

Anytime I share my BELT winning strategies with someone whos run Facebook ads before, I just about always get the same response
Maybe not that exact language, but its always a pretty amazing reaction.
Theyll say something like: What?!? NO WAY! I wasnt wasting THAT much money, was I?? or Woah. I was really leaving THAT much money on the table?!
Most people feel embarrassed.
Or sad about what they couldve used that money for.
A lot of them even get MAD.
Not at me, but at Facebook for making them think they had to drive traffic in just one very specific (and profitable for FB) way.
I always tell them hey, its not their fault you just dont know what they just dont knowyou know?
And thats true. The only reason I know the most proven FB ad strategy in the world is because I have access to people and resources that the vast majority of people just dont get.
That all came through working with (and coaching) people over years of trial and error.
And millions of dollars in testing.
And who even knows how many changes and updates to algorithms
But no matter how you look at it, one thing is clear
I got lucky.
Lets get clear on something
Theres a BIG difference between lucky and fortunate.
Im lucky to have stumbled across an industry that I LOVE and that Im GREAT at
And Im fortunate to have built a client base that trusts me to teach them the ins-and-outs of Facebook marketing through the testing and tweaking of numerous methods and strategies with them footing the bill
But it wasnt luck that had them betting on me with their own dime.
It was results.
I worked my butt off to create that good fortune
Now I get to pass this good fortune on to you.
Forget the steep learning curve.
Forget the years of trial and error.
Forget the tens of thousands of dollars (at minimum) you need to spend just to get it right
You get to bypass all the biggest problems that come with mastering top converting strategies
and literally collapse time by plugging into my brain during the BELT workshop.
I dont train on hacks or tricksthey dont last long, you cant build a sustainable business with them, and they put your business at risk.
What I show you is how to use the platform CORRECTLY to get the very most from your ad spend.