Best YouTube Marketing Bundle 2018 / 2019 (David Vlas, Hooman)

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  1. Skensen

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    Best YouTube Marketing Bundle 2018 / 2019 (David Vlas, Hooman)
    For 15 usd, You Get this 2 courses worth 1297 usd!
    Link Sent within 24 hours after payment!

    Course 1 :
    YouTube Mastery 2019 - Learn How To Make $60,000+ Per Month With YouTube (RRP: 997 usd)

    • 50+ Videos: OVER 50 VIDEOS covering everything from Starting your channel to going viral and monetizing.
    • Exclusive Content: There has NEVER been a course like this by someone with over 4 million subscribers
    • Proven & Field-Tested: The advice inside isn't just 'theory' - these are the same techniques I personally use
    • Inner Circle Access: Access to a private, invite-only group where you can ask me questions directly
    • Bonuses: Special bonuses that aren't available anywhere else.
    Course sales page:

    Course 2:
    David Vlas - YouTube Revenue Machine Making 6 Figures A Year (RRP: 297 USD)


    This course includes:

    • SEO tricks to get views on your videos
    • Catchy thumbnails to get clicks
    • Growing a fanbase that will continuously watch your videos
    • Selling products to your viewers
    • Affiliate links
    • Brand Deals
    • How to edit your videos for high watch time (higher watch time more views)
    • Understanding how videos go viral
    • & More!

    Making 6 figures a year doing what you love by making videos is a dream job for many people. But over 95% of YouTube fail and quitbecause of their mistakes that they make. As an 18 year old YouTuber with over 1,200,000 subscribers I want to teach you exactly how you can grow your YouTube channel and not come across those failures! I bought my dream car in less than 6 months doing youtube when I was 17 and with all the knowledge I have I will teach you how to grow your channel properly and quick!


    As a 16 year old I've made over $350,000 my FIRST YEAR with YouTube, this is possible for anyone!
    Running a YouTube channel won't only make you money from monetization, you can turn your viewers into customers that will purchase your products, affiliate links, brand deals & more!
    Whats your excuse? Whats holding you back from making money? You're telling me you would rather spend money on college and learn something that you won't need in the future and be in debt? Or learn how to run a successful YouTube Channel.

    Course Sales Page:

    Inside the folder :
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  2. Skensen

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    15usd per member, can contact me through inbox
  3. ApenZa

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    Hey, is it instant and delivery via mega or gdrive? And paypal?
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  4. Skensen

    Skensen Active Member Organizer

    it is instant, paypal. and mega :)
  5. Max

    Max New Member

    Hey I want to get this. what do I need to do?
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  6. Proxom

    Proxom Member

    How do this works, my friend?

    I have the money on my Paypal, want to acquire the course for my friend, who I owe some favors but cannot afford the original price.

    Hope to get an answer from you pretty soon!
  7. Skensen

    Skensen Active Member Organizer

    Info sent

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