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    “The ONLY Way Left For The Little Guy To Get Rich!”
    Reclusive million dollar serial entrepreneur
    giving away his jealously guarded secrets
    for making 6-figures (or more!) per year…
    while living the lifestyle of your dreams!


    • The “Behind The Scenes” Results Of Everything!
    • Just One Idea From One Issue Could Make You MILLIONS!
    • “Sir Gary of Halbert” Revealed ALL His Highest-Level “Player” Secrets To Me!
    • Save My Life!
    • You May Be Downright FRIGHTENED By It!
    • Unfair Advantage For Any Marketer!
    • If You’ve Not Yet Started In Business But Plan To…
    • “It’s All About The Benjamins, Baby!”
    • The Doberman Dan Letter Is About Making A LOT Of Money!
    • The Very Best Money-Making “Gold Nuggets” And “Gems!”
    • 511% To 2107% Return On Investment!
    • I’m Willing To Teach You, Too!
    • So Who Exactly DOES Qualify?
    • A Modern Day Marketing Camelot!
    • A “Knights Of The Round Table” Webinar Every Single Month!
    • Access To Our Knights-Only Membership Site!
    • A New Piece Of High Converting Copy For Your Your Swipe File!
    • etc


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