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Advanced Price Action Course (2020)


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Chris Capre - Advanced Price Action Course (2020) | 5.2 GB
Your Complete A-Z Training on Price Action, Trading Psychology & Risk Management.


Section 1: Price Action Context
Lesson 1: The Pyramid of Price Action Context - The Basis for Understanding PA
Lesson 2: Impulsive and Corrective Price Action
Lesson 3: Decoding Trends: Volatile and Non-Volatile Price Action
Lesson 4: Understanding Key Support and Resistance Zones-10 Key Tips
Lesson 5: Understanding Key Support and Resistance Zones Part 2 - LS Zones
Lesson 6: Putting The 3 Pillars Together
Lesson 7: 3 Pillars & Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Section 2: Critical Price Action Structures You Need to Know
Lesson 8: Large and Small Corrective Structures
Lesson 9: 3-Point HLR Trading
Lesson 10: The Basic Anatomy of A Breakout
Lesson 11: Exhaustion Price Action & How to Trade It

Section 3: Trading Breakouts Like A Pro
Lesson 12: Order Flow Differences Between With-Trend and Counter-Trend Breakouts
Lesson 13: False Break Setups & How to Profit From Them
Lesson 14: Pressure & Trading Breakouts With Trend
Lesson 15: Failed Breakouts, Two Touches and Advanced Entries

Section 4: Tactics & Trade Management Skills
Lesson 16: The Ultimate Guide to Trading Instruments
Lesson 17: Trading Beyond Confirmation and Rookie Mistakes
Lesson 18: The 90/10 Rule of Trading All Professionals Know
Lesson 19: 108 SF Trading (Trade Management Part 1)
Lesson 20: How to Trade Announcements

Section 5: Risk & Money Management Models
Lesson 21: Your Trading Edge, Expectancy and Trade Frequency - Why These Matter
Lesson 22: The Risk of Ruin and Why You Need A % Based Risk Model
Lesson 23: Drawdowns & Max Risk Models
Lesson 24: Durability, Risk & Growing Your Account

Section 6: Building Your Successful Trading Mindset
Lesson 25: The Brain, Negativity Bias and Why You Struggle to Make Money Trading
Lesson 26: Psychological Biases Which Kill Your Trading Performance
Lesson 27: Building a Better Brain: Meditation for Trading Part 1
Lesson 28: Building a Better Brain: Meditation for Trading Part 2
Lesson 29: Developing Emotional IQ For Trading
Lesson 30: The 5 Major Trading Cycles You Need to Know
Lesson 31: Building Confidence For Success in Trading and Life
Lesson 32: Building Your Skillset and Accelerating Your Learning Curve

Section 7: Prep to Review
Lesson 33: Preparing For Your Trading Day
Lesson 34: Pre-Trade, Live-Trade and Post-Trade ME
Lesson 35: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 1
Lesson 36: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 2
Lesson 37: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 3
Lesson 38: How to Analyze and Improve Your Trading Performance Part 4
Lesson 39: Building Your Own Trading Plan


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